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How long will it take to build the granny flat?

A. It generally takes 10 - 12 weeks to build the granny flat from site establishment to handover.

Can I subdivide my land once the granny flat is built?
A. No, subdivision is not permitted.

What is the maximum allowable floor area for a granny flat?

A. The maximum is 60 square metres.

Do I have to go through Council to get my granny flat approved?

A. Not necessarily. If your block of land meets the minimum design standards as set out in the State Environmental Planning Policy for Affordable Housing, then a Private Certifier can approve your granny flat.

Can my granny flat be attached to the existing house?

A. Yes, however, there must be a fire-rated wall to separate the house and the granny flat since they are two separate dwellings. This will generally be more expensive than building a detached granny flat.

If I have a battle-axe block, can I still build a granny flat?

A. Yes, however, the driveway access must be minimum 3m wide and the block must have minimum dimensions of 12m x 12m .

Can I build two granny flats on my block?

A. No. only one granny flat is allowed to be built. The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) allows only one primary dwelling and one secondary dwelling per lot.

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